Introduction The Merlies is an exploration plateformer with a strong village building component. It is to be released in 2025.
Introduction Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an A-RPG developped by Don't Nod Entertainment and published by Focus Entertainment released
Introduction Snowtopia is a ski resort tycoon available in early access since 2021 and came out in 2022. The game
Introduction 1001 rues is creating video games and softwares to guide land and town-planning based on democratic consultation. I had
Introduction Shiro Games are the makers of Evoland 1 & 2 as well as Northgard. They are currently working on

School Projects


Roles : Game Designer, Level designer Introduction Team Our Land is my graduation project at ENJMIN. We're a team of
Roles : Game Designer, Level designer, 2D/3D Artist Introduction Team Ceux Qui Restent is a HoloLens game developped in 2018
Roles : Game Designer, Level Designer, 2D Artist Introduction General PYKT is my professional degree project developped in 2016 in
Roles : Game designer, Level designer Introduction Bound is cooperative shoot'em up developped in 2018 in collaboration with Paul Barbier
Roles : Level Designer, Level Builder Introduction As an exercice of level design, I was assigned to design and create
Roles : Game designer, Level Designer Introduction Piropes was made during the "inclus et connectés" workshop in collaboration with Paul
Role : Game designer, Level designer Introduction Dont Tell, Show ! was made during a 3-week level design workshop in
Roles : Game Designer, Programmer Introduction Constellations was a game made as a Unity Introduction in 2018. It was an


In Summer 2018 I did a research internship at the CEDRIC (Cnam's lab) about trust in cooperative games, I especially
☼ Read the analysis here ☼
☼ Read the analysis here ☼

Game Jams

Roles : Level designer Introduction Personia was made during the Digital Art Jam 2017. The digital art jam is a
Roles : Narrative designer Introduction Transpositivité was made during the Impact Jam#3 Gender Equality. The project was born in reaction
Roles : Game designer, Level Designer Introduction Drowned is an Unreal Engine game made during the ENJAM 2017 (the internal
Roles : 2D Animator Introduction Color Mess is a fast-paced shooter in which the player has to change colors to