Constellations – Unity Introduction

Roles : Game Designer, Programmer


Constellations was a game made as a Unity Introduction in 2018. It was an individual project, every 3D asset was taken on the asset store.

Game Design

The design was not part of the instructions so it came with the programming.

The game is a first person shooter, mainly to avoid tricky camera problems and character animation, as it was not the point. The character can shoot « stars » that will illuminates the dark, that is the consequence of trying to mess up with the bullets’ rigidbody and appearance, I thought it looked like stars and extrapolated on it as a creation of constellations to guide the player.

The mechanics is really simple and can be repetitive over time but the game was not supposed to be very long.



I coded the shooting part and the bullets physics, experimenting with simple forces and game objects creation (instantiation, prefabs, materials) as well as collisions or the camera frustrum that can all be useful in level design, as well as triggers used to change post process.


In a first version of the game, there was ennemies with a really simple AI, moving using a navmesh and looking for the player on the map.


I also used the terrain tool to generate the map as well as foliage to cover said map.


Finally, I made a menu and scenes manager to handle menus and UI.