Personia – Digital Art Jam 2017

Roles : Level designer


Personia was made during the Digital Art Jam 2017. The digital art jam is a bit special since a visit of the Centre Pompidou (contemporary art) in done ahead of the jam. Personia was inspired by the works of Sonia Delaunay and the orphism movement in which there isn’t perspective but depth is created thanks to colors.

We used that logic to create a 2D runner in which the player has to use depth of the colors to go on.

The game was made with Thais Arias (co-level designer), Lucile Cossu (programmer), Tifanie Bouchara (sound designer) and can be played here.

Level design

The main difficulty of the game was on memory and reaction since when the player decides to go on deeper levels, they can’t see the more shallow levels :

We sorted every small bit of interaction we could think of between the 3 colors (yellow, red, blue) by difficulty (eg : jumping from a long blue platform to yellow is the hardest interaction because the player doesn’t know what will arrive next and has to jump into the void, changing two depths while jumping whereas yellow to red is the easiest one since the players sees what they’re doing) and used them to create shorts levels :


I also integrated the level design, thanks to a system of layers and tags in Unity.