Roles : Narrative designer


Transpositivité was made during the Impact Jam#3 Gender Equality. The project was born in reaction to a lot of games about trans people experiences being tragic and using pathos. We therefore wanted to depict a positive story about a trans person being accepted by their friends. We had the help of Céline from Queer Games and Mx Cordélia to have an accurate depiction and be able to identify interesting moments to tell in our game.

The game was made in collaboration with Jeremy Oster (art), Emma Burger (programming) and Richard Le Fur (writing). I was in charge of narrative design and the global structure of the experience.

The game was not fully developped but you can catch a glimpse here.

Narrative design

First of all, the game use a question to make everyone in the situation of a trans person by asking what’s the player’s gender : the game characters will then misgender the character so even cis persons will feel the misgender as they are not treated as they should be.

The game was made on Twine, both as tribute to queer games such as Anna Anthropy‘s ones and the most relevant tool to create interactive stories.

My main goal as a narrative designer was to give rythm to the player’s experience while balancing it with the scope that can be explosive in that kind of game. As a consequence I designed a lot of choices to go back to the main « branch » after a while and some events are made to be random, to personalize the player’s experience and make some replay value.