Drowned – ENJAM 2017 – Do not attack

Roles : Game designer, Level Designer


Drowned is an Unreal Engine game made during the ENJAM 2017 (the internal ENJMIN jam to integrate the newcomers). The theme was « Do Not Attack« . We made a game about a deep-sea diver,trying to reach the surface in the dangerous sea guarded by blind sharks triggered by the sound of shooting and movements.

The game was made with Yannis Moulay (co GD/LD), Yannis Attard, Damien Crechet (programmers), Lucas Terryn, Ghjuvannu-Carlu Sozzi, Yufeng Huang, Arthur Chamerois (3D artists), Aurélien Demey, Anize Amestoi (sound designers) and Alessandro Legato (producer)  and can be played here.

Game Design

We wanted the game to be disturbing and to create tension between the will to shoot and the knowledge that it is a bad thing. Therefore we designed the enemies so that if the player shoots them, they will get stunned but other sharks in the area might hear the shoot. The enemies are huge regarding the player and the latest moves slowly in the sea to emphasize the tension.

Level Design

I designed the tutorial, to make the player learn several things : the sharks are to run away from, stunning them is not a good solution, observing their pattern and using it to explore and go on in the game :



I integrated and built the level I designed.